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threatTRANSFORM was designed to run in your local environment. Please feel free to try the demo below or click here to download the source. You can always visit our documentation page, by clicking here, for further instructions.

Click a section heading to expand or collapse the area. Your options will change based off of what selection you make for the Package Intent. For example, for the Campaign Characterization package intent you can add 'Intended Effects' and 'Courses of Action'. Make sure you click the 'Add' link under those so your work is saved.

Take a look at the bottom 'XML Output' section and you’ll see your work. If you need to make a change, you can go back up and make your changes in the supporting sections. Your output XML will dynamically update. At this point you can either copy the XML from the XML Output field or you can save it into an XML document. To download a generate XML document, choose the 'Fina'l or 'Draft' option and click the 'Save' button.

Take your STIX dataset and share it directly with others or save it in a database, CMS, SIEM or your favorite big data solution. This standardized structured representation of threat data makes it much easier for you to share, correlate, search, and report on your data. Enjoy!